Post Renovation Clean Up List that will Leave your House Debris-Free

Renovations are usually exciting when they begin. But with every passing day, you might feel a bit agitated seeing trash and debris pile up in or around your house. By hiring professionals such as Removers Gold Coast market has today on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you can spare yourself visual stress.


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The following list helps you get your home back to order and looking clean and beautiful after the renovation is complete.


Cleaning The Walls


Depending on what kind of paint you have on your walls, wiping or dusting them after a renovation project is a great idea. In case you have had any moulding placed around your home, wiping them down once they have dried is a great idea to remove any fingerprints or sawdust, which may have been left behind. If you have had your walls repainted, you can always use a dry cloth after the required time it is needed for them to dry. In case there are extra pieces or wood or cans of toxic paint lying around your home, you can contact your local removers Gold Coast based to come clean up and remove any toxic products.


Vacuuming Or Maintaining Hard Wood Floors


Depending on where the renovation happened and the amount of space dust and debris was allowed to reach, you should vacuum your home or hire a professional to steam clean your carpets once the project is over. Harmful dust can cause an array of health problems if left to fester in carpets, especially with children around. Hardwood floors are usually coated with polish once they are installed and sanded by your builder. But, if you have pets or children you may want to run a dry cloth over the renovation area to ensure there are no harmful chemicals left behind. If you have had carpets or hardwood floors installed and have extra material that would be useless to store at your home, you can contact your local removers Gold Coast market has today.


Light Or Fans


Since debris like sawdust or old paint particles easily travel through the air and settle on almost everything, taking the time to clean your light fixtures or ceiling fans is a great idea. Not only will the dust particles harden over time, they may destroy the natural integrity, especially if you have heirloom or antique fixtures. Also, dust on light fixtures is easily detectable by visitors more than any other surface.


Air-conditioning Vents


The most commonly forgotten areas to clean after a renovation project are your air-conditioners or heating vents. Since air-conditioning requires a home to be shut and ventilated only through internal cool air, dust trapped inside the vents can eventually make you and your family fall ill. Use a damp rag to wipe all the vents with warm soapy water. Check all your filters as well to ensure the renovation does not require you to replace any of them. You can always call your local Gold Coast Removers to take away any electronic related equipment you do not need for correct disposal.


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